Principals’ and Educators’ Message

Multiple research studies have demonstrated the relationship between students’ basic math fact fluency and student success. Furthermore, the data indicates that the ability to recall and retrieve basic math facts fluently as necessary to obtain and understand higher-order math skills (Whitehurst, 2003). Basic math facts must be developed and over-learned to the point they are automatic (automaticity) (Whitehurst, 2003). Students’ inability to fluently retrieve basic math facts can impede student participation in math discussions, mathematical problem solving, and performance on math achievement tests.

Teacher Tip #1

Pair a high achieving student with a struggling student for short peer-student sessions. It provides needed help, builds social skills and provides the high achiever with leadership opportunities.

Teacher Tip #2

Use Professor Stix’ oversized progress chart to motivate students. Having it in the front of the classroom provides constant student recognition and motivation. It allows students to chart progress themselves with markers or stickers. Make a big deal about reaching milestones.

Teacher Tip #3

Make mathStix one of the activities for those who finish classwork early or for those students who say they already finished their reading book.