How do I know I will get results with mathSTIX?

Over 20 years of use in the classroom and data gathered in our 2017 classroom study show a direct correlation between consistent usage and student progress towards fluency.

Won’t use of mathSTIX make my child or student dependent on the tool?

Time has shown us that as a child builds confidence and fluency, he or she will find that mathSTIX is no longer necessary and wean his or herself from the tool.

How much time must my child conscientiously devote to mathSTIX to see results?

Students who use the tool consistently benefit the most. Minutes used here and there several times daily add up to hours of practice and reinforcement which leads to fluency.

Why must my child be fluent to the point of automaticity?

Research studies show a direct correlation between basic math fact fluency/automaticity and success in math. The most important determinant in correctly solving multi-step math problems is not getting lost in the basic addition, subtraction, multiplication or division calculations.

How do I know when my child is fluent?

Our website’s easily administered timed tests will assist you, the child, and the teacher in that regard. Problem areas will be identified where further work is needed or suggested. Finger counting will be extinguished and students’ recall is automatic.